The board of UF Malmö (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen i Malmö) consists of 15 elected members: the Presidium (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and the UFS Representative), and the heads of each committee. Any member of UF Malmö can apply for the open positions in the board twice a year. You can read more about becoming a member here.


Tora Koppers - President
Stephanie Kronvall - Vice President
Anna Potsubay - CO- Head of Program Committee
Zeyneb Cetiner- CO - Head of Program Committee
Ladan Rashid - CO- Head of Public Relations
Iveta Ramanauskaite- CO Head Of Public Relations
Eleanora Kolarova - UFS Representative
Noah Hajjji - Head Of Travel Committee
Diane Quaglietti - Head Of Social Activity Committee
Sydney Dargel - Secretary
Paris Sharma - Head Of MUN
Kimia Amir Golabi - Head Of Editorial

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