Every week UF Malmö invites experts of their field—politicians, ambassadors, journalists, among others—to host a lecture on a variety of topics related to foreign affairs and global events. Follow our Facebook page and Instagram page where all events and lectures are posted, so that you will not miss a single lecture!

Soup Lunch

The soup lunches are organised by Studentkåren (Student Union). As UF Malmö is an association under the Student Union, we contribute and participate in the making of the soup approximately once a month. For more information and times, please check our Facebook or go to the Studentkåren Student Union website or Facebook page.

Pike & Hurricane

The Pike & Hurricane is a religiously and politically independent online magazine of UF Malmö. The magazine is posted once a month, and each issue covers a variety of topics, from popular debates to forgotten phenomena. Read more about Pike & Hurricane, and maybe even become a writer!

UF Cast

The UF Cast is UF Malmö’s very own podcast. The episodes are there to inform, educate, and entertain you with discussions, interviews, and other bits created for your entertainment. The cast can be found on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Stitcher. Check it out! 


The Model United Nations of Malmö —MUNmö—is a project which started in 2013. MUNmö has become one of the most important MUNs in Scandinavia, attracting 120 delegates, chairs, and staff members from all around Europe. It is held every Autumn, in November. Read more about MUNmö on the website, and join as a delegate! Check out when the next MUN will be held on the MUN Facebook page or follow the MUNmö Instagram page for more info.

Pub Quiz

Once a month on Wednesdays, our Social Committee holds a pub quiz in the Student pub operated by Festmesteriet. With various themes and wonderful prizes, the monthly pub quiz is a great way to relax and have fun with other students, after a long day of studying!


We also organise a sittning once a semester. A sittning is a seated meal with entertainment – singing, games, food, drinks, and plenty of fun! Seats are limited, so keep an eye for the event announcement.


Members of UF Malmö have the opportunity to discover exciting places every semester. Some previous trips have been to Albania, Jordan, and Morocco. The trip will not be too pricey for the student wallet either. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the organisation’s socials! 

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