When you become a member of UF Malmö, you can:

  • Sign-up at any of our events,
  • Sign-up at our monthly campus information tables,
  • Contact us at info@ufmalmo.se

The membership costs SEK 60 for a period of 12 months, and by becoming one you do not only gain access to a variety of opportunities, you also provide support to UF Malmö for its continuous growth and development.

Every members of UF Malmö receive:

  • Weekly newsletter of our upcoming events and opportunities,
  • Free and guaranteed entry to all our lectures and workshops (ca. 50 events per year),
  • Entry to our dinners and other social events,
  • The possibility to be part of our academic trips abroad, study visits, and our MUN delegations to international conferences,
  • A guaranteed copy of our paper edition of the Pike & Hurricane, which comes out once every academic semester,
  • The ability to apply and become part of our Board,
  • Possibility to attend national events, such as UFS Conference on International Affairs and Almedalen,
  • UF Malmö is part of UFS, a network of all 13 UF associations in Sweden. As such, membership at UF Malmö allows you to gain access for free to all events organised in other UF’s - let it be in Lund, Stockholm, or Umeå.