The board of UF Malmö (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen i Malmö) consists of 12 elected members: the Presidium (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and the UFS Representative), and the heads of each committee. Any member of UF Malmö can apply for the open positions in the board twice a year. You can read more about becoming a member here.

UF Malmö also has Equal Rights Representatives who ensure equal treatment of active members as well as all members of UF Malmö. This function can also be seen as an active and preventive measure against discrimination and sexual harassment. 

Jascha Ehleben
Julia Kavanto
Vice-President (Equal Rights Representative)

Isabel Dinan
Stephanie Kronvall
Lillian Schraps
UFS Representative

Stefanija Kalajdzic
Head of Program Committee
Laura Cereda
Head of Travel Committee
Head of Social Committee
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Lucy Verdonk
Head of Public Relations Committee
Stefan Maatouk
Head of Podcast Committee (Equal Rights Representative)
Maya Diekmann
Head of Editorial Committee
Oliver Ösmark
Head of Editorial Committee
Head of MUN of Malmö
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