Do you have an interest in international affairs?
Are you looking for a platform to improve your skills and spice up your CV?
You are the person we are looking for! 

While there are currently no on-going elections, UF Malmö is always open for new Coordinators! This means that if you are interested, you can send an email directly to

The Malmö Association of Foreign Affairs (UF Malmö) is glad to announce its application period open for new Board Members 2018/2019!

The deadline for applications is xxday, Month xxth, 23:59.

Join UF Malmö, be part of the largest and most active association at Malmö University, and directly contribute to its continuous development!

To apply, you can send us a Motivation Letter (maximum 1 page) and a Curriculum Vitae to! We will then contact you for an interview shortly after the deadline has passed. You can apply for several positions, and all positions in the board are open:




Vice President



The Secretary is assisting the Presidency in organisational development matters and association-wide activities. Get insight into administrative work and your office skills to the next level!

UFS Representative (national/local representative)


Head of Program and Program Coordinator

Members of the Programm Committee are responsible for planning and organizing lectures, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions and other similar events. This work will provide you with many contacts and valuable experience in event organisation and management.

Head of Social and Social Coordinator

The Social Committee organises social events, such as pub quizzes and sittnings. If you like to organise events, have a sense for entertainment and socialising, this is a fit for you.

Head of Travel and Travel Coordinator

Members of the Travel committee plan and execute study trips abroad and in close proximity for members of the association and students of the university. Who doesn’t like to travel? Take on the challenge and organise a travel for a whole group. You will surely develop your organisational skillset!

Head of Public Relations and Public Relations Coordinator

The Public Relations committee is marketing the association through various channels and contains something for everyone. Photography, web design, social media marketing, copywriting and graphic design are some of the relevant tasks. If you want to get work-experience in one of them, apply!

Magazine: Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Magazine: Copy Editor

The Copy-Editor is our magazine’s proofreader, your job is to help improve the writers’ articles in terms of grammar, and spelling, and ensure the overall readability of the articles to be published.

Magazine: Media Manager


Magazine: Vlog Manager